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December 22, 2016 - No Comments!

“Oh my God. Today I prayed for the internet” – WI FI performance in Piacenza

Internauts, friends, followers,

a few months ago (it was September) I presented for the first time a compilation video called "Oh my God. Today I prayed for the internet" in the context of the Livenel Festival in Piacenza organized by PLACENTIA ARTE.

In that occasion the video was distributed to the audience through a local wifi connection mounted on a travelling hearse.

The video has been transmitted first on a ritual procession to the followers of the hearse and then, as the hearse drove through the city for a while, to all the unaware town passerbies.

Well, now thanks to the help and the work of Marcantonio Lunardi and Ilaria Sabbatini

I can finally upload the video/photographic documentation of the event.
Hope you'll apreciate!

Wishing you well!



December 13, 2016 - No Comments!

“Pics or it didn’t happen, proof of existence of a crowd worker”

There's a lot of buzz today about fake news produced by micro/click/crowd/invisible workers during Trump campaign.

So if you don't know what a click worker is, if you don't know what they can do in real world or you simply don't believe they really exist, I can give you some proofs about their existence with this work I did a few years a go:

It is called "Pics or it didn't happen, proof of existence of a crowd worker"

See you over the cloud,
one day.