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October 4, 2017 - No Comments!

The Middle Finger Response @ Premio Nocivelli 2017

A few weeks ago I exhibited The Middle Finger Response at Premio Nocivelli 2017 in Brescia where I was one of the finalists for the Photography section.

As I actually am not a photographer at all, the jury had the decency to exclude my work from the winners list. At least I had the opportunity to display a moving selection of some crazy middle fingers on a framed screen of an Electric Object device.


October 31, 2015 - No Comments!

Presenting a new work @ (in)Exactitude in Science Pavillion for The Wrong digital Biennale

My new Work "A quiet desert failure" is part of (In)exactitude in science an online/offline pavillion curated by Kamilia Kard and Filippo Lorenzin for The Wrong (again) - New Digital Art Biennale

(In)exactitude in science
curated by Kamilia Kard and Filippo Lorenzin

Enrico Boccioletti, Emilie Brout e Maxime Marion, Marco Cadioli, Alka Cappellazzo, Mighty KongBot (Domenico Barra e Luigi Console), Marco Mendeni, Jacques Perconte, Antoine Schmitt, Guido Segni, Natalia Trejbalova, Fabien Zocco.

Some press

  • "In queste opere la realtà è sopraffatta dalla sua replica digitale"
    Federico Martelli - The creators project

September 17, 2015 - No Comments!

The Middle Finger Response @ EGO_UPDATE | NRW Forum Dusseldorf

I participate with a wallpaper version of my Middle Finger Response in this amazing exhibition by Alain Bieber.

Here it is a list of all the artists: Kim Asendorf, LaTurbo Avedon, Evan Baden, Arvida Byström, Kurt Caviezel, Robbie Cooper, Heather Dewey-Hagborg, MC Fitti, Alison Jackson, Erik Kessels, Florian Kuhlmann, Dafna Maimon, Netro, Onformative, Ontheroofs, Martin Parr, Evan Roth, Andreas Schmidt, Guido Segni, Oliver Sieber, David Slater, Amalia Ulman and Jonas Unger

September 5, 2014 - No Comments!

Proofs of existence of a cloud worker @ Pavillon social Kunstverein

Temporary exhibition @Pavillon social Kunstverein
via A.Mordini 64. 55100 Lucca
Call +393331326962 at the entrance
Friday 12th September, 2014 - 6pm


Friday 12th September from 6.00 pm at Pavillon Social in Lucca Guido segni will preview his last video work called "Proofs of existence of a cloud worker”, fully developed for the exhibition “Pics ir it didn’t happen “ at Hoc/gallery.

The video was realized paying 50 workers from the crowd sourcing Amazon Mechanical Turk platform which were called from different areas of the world.

The project "Pics or it didn't happen", developed specifically for the gallery, is characterized as a researching space about the three-points relationship between the web, image and reality.The design that animates the screen is a readymade taken from the well-known Google Images and from others web icons that are modelled and warped from the artist. So the project consists in letting fly the images taken from the most popular search engine, indeed utilizing the statement “Pics or it didn't happen”.

From internet to the real world and again around, the images are passed, from place to place inside and outside the screen using the same ways that are provided to us from the web and the digital instruments. From a very simple thing as a printer to the various online services of print ondemand, arriving than to the necessary device video-photo.

The video will be online until the end of the month at the below link:

After the web page and the screening of "Proofs of existence of a cloud worker” the show will conclude its exhibition cycle with an event during the month of october.