2018 - 2023
Performative rest, Neural network generated video and images
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Demand Full Laziness

In times of obsession for work, fear of the robots and strong technological acceleration a new hype is haunting collective imagination: the hype of dull automation and full laziness.

Demand full laziness is a five-year plan and a durational performance about art, labour, self sustenance and laziness. For the next five years (2018 - 2023) I’m going to delegate and automate part of the making of my artistic production by the use of a bunch of deep-learning algorithms in order to increase production, to overcome labour in art and to increasingly get abandoned to laziness.

The dull algorithms and I can be supported by a distributed cluster of patrons through the patreon.com online platform: art collectors, fans, friends, artists, and public of all sorts are able to economically sustain my personal attempt to be productively lazy just by crowdfunding my patreon account.

Depending on their economical effort, all the people contributing to my Patreon have the opportunity to receive a real fully fabricated and authenticated artworks made by the machine while I was resting (see the Patreon website for details).

During the first year (2018) the machine has been trained on deep learning and on how to rest and make unique portraits of myself while laying in bed reading, sleeping or simply enjoying spare time.



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