2014 - ongoing
Website, poster print, video, ondemand printed objects
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Pics or it didn't happen

“Pics or it didn't happen" - rule number 32 according to rules of the Internet - is a colloquial expression used by internet users in order to challenge their virtual interlocutor on a discussion forum or a social network, when his arguments require photographic proof of what he's saying.

“Pics or it didn't happen" is a also an exhibition I made in 2014 for HOC/gallery about how a query search on Google Images became a list of images, how I transform them into real objects and how I finally turned them back again into pictures of the Internet.

The project focuses on the transitions occurring between the online URL realm (acronym for Uniform Resource Locator) and the so called IRL (acronym for In Real Life) realm: from the Internet to the real world and viceversa, using all the intercommunication highways the digital world puts at your disposition, from a home-based printer to print-on-demand services to photo/video devices.

The resulting materials are hosted online at the URL http://pics.oritdidnthappen.com and consist in a collection of all sort of images (photos, print on demand objects, sculpture ecomerce receipts, …) which have been collected, modified printed and then re-documented once again.